Deconstructing the App Store Ranking Algorithms [Infographic]

  What determines an app's rankings in the App Store search results? As it turns out, lots of things. Use this table to keep track of every known ranking factor used in the iOS and Google Play algorithms. To see the table in higher resolution or to download it, click here. Read on below for […]

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Referral Marketing 101: Turning Your Power Users Into App Advocates

This is a guest post from Vanhishikha Bhargava, the content marketer over at GetSocial. Referral marketing is one of the most effective tactics for app growth. With thousands of apps introduced to both the iOS and Android stores every day, never underestimate the power of recommendations from your existing users to help you reach new […]

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108+ App Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Downloads [Infographic]

So, you’ve created an incredible app (or are working on creating one). All you have to do now is put it in the App Stores and watch the downloads roll in...right? Wrong. Making a great app is just the first step - now you have to get people to notice it. If you read this […]

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The Ultimate Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO)

If you’re not paying attention to your App Store Optimization strategy, you’re missing out on the largest marketing channel available for acquiring new users. Whether you’re familiar with ASO or not, I guarantee that you’ll find a wealth of useful information in this guide. In this guide, we'll be explaining everything we know about App […]

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